May 25, 2016

Welcome to LNCipedia 4.0, the latest version of this long non-coding RNA database contains 118,777 human annotated lncRNAs.


Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) constitutes a large and diverse class of non-coding RNA genes. While several lncRNAs have been functionally annotated, the majority remains to be characterized. Different high-throughput methods to identify new lncRNAs (including RNA sequencing and annotation of chromatin-state maps) have been applied in various studies resulting in multiple unrelated lncRNA datasets.

Lncipedia.org is an integrated database of 118,777 human annotated lncRNA transcripts obtained from different sources. In addition to basic transcript information and structure, several statistics are calculated for each entry in the database, such as secondary structure information, protein coding potential and microRNA binding sites.

The database is publicly available and allows users to query and download lncRNA sequences and structures based on different search criteria. The database may serve as a source of information on individual lncRNAs or as a starting point for large-scale studies.

Data submission

The lncRNA research community is encouraged to submit data to LNCipedia:


Please use the following citations when referring to LNCipedia:

An update on LNCipedia: a database for annotated human lncRNA sequences
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Recently added literature

2017-02-16: FIRRE
Hacisuleyman (2014)
Topological organization of multichromosomal regions by the long intergenic noncoding RNA Firre.
(Nature structural & molecular biology)

2017-02-16: FIRRE
Hacisuleyman (2016)
Function and evolution of local repeats in the Firre locus.
(Nature communications)

2016-12-06: lnc-SLC39A11-1
Schmidt (2016)
The lncRNA SLNCR1 Mediates Melanoma Invasion through a Conserved SRA1-like Region.
(Cell reports)

2016-12-06: lnc-GPBP1-1
Goedert (2016)
RMEL3, a novel BRAFV600E-associated long noncoding RNA, is required for MAPK and PI3K signaling in melanoma.

2016-12-06: lnc-AC017028.1-1
Charpentier (2016)
IRES-dependent translation of the long non coding RNA meloe in melanoma cells produces the most immunogenic MELOE antigens.

2016-10-13: PVT1
Austin (2016)
Transcriptional profiling identifies the long noncoding RNA plasmacytoma variant translocation (PVT1) as a novel regulator of the asthmatic phenotype in human airway smooth muscle.
(The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology)

2016-05-25: SAMMSON
Leucci (2016)
Melanoma addiction to the long non-coding RNA SAMMSON.

2016-05-10: PVT1
Johnsson (2014)
Expanding the functional role of long noncoding RNAs.
(Cell research)

2016-05-10: PVT1
Paci (2014)
Computational analysis identifies a sponge interaction network between long non-coding RNAs and messenger RNAs in human breast cancer.
(BMC systems biology)

2016-05-10: PVT1
Wang (2014)
Oncofetal Long Noncoding RNA PVT1 promotes proliferation and stem cell-like property of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by stabilizing NOP2.
(Hepatology (Baltimore, Md.))