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5 lncRNA transcripts found (1 pages)
Transcript ID Gene ID Location (hg38) strand transcript size
lnc-TMPRSS2-83:12 lnc-TMPRSS2-83 chr21:41141500-41148133 - 2088
lnc-TMPRSS2-83:13 lnc-TMPRSS2-83 chr21:41141493-41148133 - 2095
lnc-TMPRSS2-83:14 lnc-TMPRSS2-83 chr21:41141500-41148064 - 2019
lnc-TMPRSS2-83:19 lnc-TMPRSS2-83 chr21:41143180-41147433 - 580
lnc-TMPRSS2-83:20 lnc-TMPRSS2-83 chr21:41143142-41147423 - 349