Transcript: FLVCR1-DT:18

Basic information

LNCipedia transcript ID: FLVCR1-DT:18 
LNCipedia gene ID: FLVCR1-DT
RefSeq ID: NR_027285
Location (hg38): chr1:212856604-212858138
Strand: -
Class: bidirectional
Sequence Ontology term:
Transcript size: 942 bp
Exons: 2
Sources: NONCODE v4; Refseq - Dec 2014; Refseq - NCBI Annotation Release 106
Alternative transcript names: NONHSAT009411; NR_027285; NR_027285.1
Alternative gene names: LQK1; FLVCR1-AS1

RNA sequence:


Protein coding potential

Metric Raw result Interpretation
PRIDE reprocessing 2.0 0 non-coding 
Lee translation initiation sites 0 non-coding 
PhyloCSF score -0.8886 non-coding 
CPAT coding probability 6.30% non-coding 
Bazzini small ORFs 0 non-coding 

In stringent set: yes

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
FLVCR1-DT:18 no no no no

Available literature

  1. Zhang (2018), LncRNA FLVCR1-AS1 acts as miR-513c sponge to modulate cancer cell proliferation, migration, and invasion in hepatocellular carcinoma., J. Cell. Biochem.
  2. Zhang (2015), Cancer Specific Long Noncoding RNAs Show Differential Expression Patterns and Competing Endogenous RNA Potential in Hepatocellular Carcinoma., PLoS ONE
  3. Lipovich (2002), Genomic structure and evolutionary context of the human feline leukemia virus subgroup C receptor (hFLVCR) gene: evidence for block duplications and de novo gene formation within duplicons of the hFLVCR locus., Gene

LNCipedia transcript ID history

LNCipedia version LNCipedia transcript ID
3.1 lnc-C1orf227-1:6
4.0 FLVCR1-AS1:3
4.1 FLVCR1-AS1:3
5.0 FLVCR1-AS1:3
5.1 FLVCR1-DT:4
5.2 FLVCR1-DT:18