Transcript: KIF25-AS1:9

Basic information

LNCipedia transcript ID: KIF25-AS1:9 
LNCipedia gene ID: KIF25-AS1
Ensembl Gene ID: ENSG00000235994
Ensembl Transcript ID: ENST00000441716
Location (hg38): chr6:167976582-167979776
Strand: -
Class: intergenic
Sequence Ontology term: lincRNA
Transcript size: 757 bp
Exons: 3
Sources: Gencode v13; Ensembl release 68 - Jul 2012; NONCODE v4; Ensembl release 75 - Feb 2014; Ensembl release 83 - Dec 2015; Ensembl release 87 - Dec 2016; Ensembl release 90 - Aug 2017; Ensembl release 92 - Apr 2018
Alternative transcript names: ENST00000441716.2; RP3-470B24.5-001; OTTHUMT00000043184.2; NONHSAT116125
Alternative gene names: ENSG00000235994.4; RP3-470B24.5; OTTHUMG00000016038.2; HGC6.1.1; AL049698.1; HGC6.3

RNA sequence:


Protein coding potential

Metric Raw result Interpretation
PRIDE reprocessing 2.0 0 non-coding 
Lee translation initiation sites 0 non-coding 
PhyloCSF score 52.3279 non-coding 
CPAT coding probability 33.67% non-coding 
Bazzini small ORFs 0 non-coding 

In stringent set: no

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
KIF25-AS1:9 no no no no

Available literature

  1. Minaguchi (1999), Complete DNA sequence and characterization of a 330-kb VNTR-rich region on chromosome 6q27 that is commonly deleted in ovarian cancer., DNA Res.

LNCipedia transcript ID history

LNCipedia version LNCipedia transcript ID
3.1 lnc-FRMD1-2:1
4.0 KIF25-AS1:9
4.1 KIF25-AS1:9
5.0 KIF25-AS1:9
5.1 KIF25-AS1:9
5.2 KIF25-AS1:9