Transcript: POC1B-AS1:41

Basic information

LNCipedia transcript ID: POC1B-AS1:41 
LNCipedia gene ID: POC1B-AS1
Location (hg38): chr12:89551553-89561270
Strand: +
Class: intergenic
Sequence Ontology term: lincRNA
Transcript size: 267 bp
Exons: 2
Sources: Sun and Gadad et al., 2015
Alternative transcript names: LncRNA1565:1
Alternative gene names:

RNA sequence:


Protein coding potential

Metric Raw result Interpretation
PRIDE reprocessing 2.0 0 non-coding 
Lee translation initiation sites non-coding 
PhyloCSF score -202.9323 non-coding 
CPAT coding probability 1.46% non-coding 
Bazzini small ORFs 0 non-coding 

In stringent set: yes

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
POC1B-AS1:41 no no no no

Available literature

  1. Liu (2017), CRISPRi-based genome-scale identification of functional long noncoding RNA loci in human cells., Science

LNCipedia transcript ID history

LNCipedia version LNCipedia transcript ID
4.0 lnc-TMTC3-3:2
4.1 lnc-TMTC3-14:24
5.0 lnc-TMTC3-14:24
5.1 POC1B-AS1:25
5.2 POC1B-AS1:41