Basic information

HGNC Gene Symbol: HOTAIR  ?
HGNC Full Gene Name: HOX transcript antisense RNA
Location (hg38): chr12:53962308-53974956
Strand: -
Class: antisense
Sequence Ontology term: antisense_lncRNA_gene
Transcripts: 11


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
HOTAIR:1 chr12:53962308-53974956 2421 bp
HOTAIR:10 chr12:53963802-53966630 572 bp
HOTAIR:11 chr12:53962626-53966193 685 bp
HOTAIR:2 chr12:53962308-53974956 2368 bp
HOTAIR:3 chr12:53963749-53974947 918 bp
HOTAIR:4 chr12:53964085-53968914 560 bp
HOTAIR:5 chr12:53962308-53968914 2337 bp
HOTAIR:6 chr12:53962626-53968763 1844 bp
HOTAIR:7 chr12:53962308-53968756 2362 bp
HOTAIR:8 chr12:53962314-53968244 2207 bp
HOTAIR:9 chr12:53963901-53967355 562 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
HOTAIR yes no no no

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