Gene: LINC00665

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: LINC00665 
Location (hg38): chr19:36309609-36332581
Strand: -
Class: intergenic
Sequence Ontology term: lincRNA_gene
Transcripts: 33


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
LINC00665:1 chr19:36324788-36332581 6739 bp
LINC00665:10 chr19:36324937-36331708 2791 bp
LINC00665:11 chr19:36319751-36331708 1863 bp
LINC00665:12 chr19:36313067-36331707 1557 bp
LINC00665:13 chr19:36320605-36331700 761 bp
LINC00665:14 chr19:36324937-36331649 2732 bp
LINC00665:15 chr19:36315360-36330492 715 bp
LINC00665:16 chr19:36313077-36330447 651 bp
LINC00665:17 chr19:36321303-36322340 403 bp
LINC00665:18 chr19:36315576-36322228 690 bp
LINC00665:19 chr19:36315360-36322225 475 bp
LINC00665:2 chr19:36324907-36331744 1396 bp
LINC00665:20 chr19:36313742-36322210 462 bp
LINC00665:21 chr19:36320124-36322031 734 bp
LINC00665:22 chr19:36310538-36319951 9307 bp
LINC00665:23 chr19:36312720-36316334 981 bp
LINC00665:24 chr19:36313071-36316327 516 bp
LINC00665:25 chr19:36313067-36315737 2671 bp
LINC00665:26 chr19:36309609-36331753 4949 bp
LINC00665:27 chr19:36312598-36331753 7577 bp
LINC00665:28 chr19:36313067-36331753 1603 bp
LINC00665:29 chr19:36319716-36331753 1784 bp
LINC00665:3 chr19:36312797-36331742 1272 bp
LINC00665:30 chr19:36319751-36331753 1908 bp
LINC00665:31 chr19:36320738-36331753 666 bp
LINC00665:32 chr19:36324831-36331753 1592 bp
LINC00665:33 chr19:36324937-36331677 2760 bp
LINC00665:4 chr19:36324907-36331737 2795 bp
LINC00665:5 chr19:36324907-36331737 2850 bp
LINC00665:6 chr19:36324815-36331721 1465 bp
LINC00665:7 chr19:36319716-36331718 1749 bp
LINC00665:8 chr19:36313061-36331718 984 bp
LINC00665:9 chr19:36319716-36331708 1898 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
LINC00665 no no no no

Available literature

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