Gene: SNHG12

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: SNHG12 ?
Location (hg19): chr1:28900057-28909495
Strand: -
Transcripts: 28


Transcript IDLocation (hg19)Length
SNHG12:1 chr1:28905053-28909495 1365 bp
SNHG12:10 chr1:28905050-28908354 1629 bp
SNHG12:11 chr1:28905050-28908346 719 bp
SNHG12:12 chr1:28905058-28908330 682 bp
SNHG12:13 chr1:28905052-28908175 1588 bp
SNHG12:14 chr1:28905050-28907741 444 bp
SNHG12:15 chr1:28905050-28907522 719 bp
SNHG12:16 chr1:28900057-28908384 6328 bp
SNHG12:17 chr1:28905050-28908384 1659 bp
SNHG12:18 chr1:28905050-28908384 1098 bp
SNHG12:19 chr1:28905050-28908384 1087 bp
SNHG12:2 chr1:28905050-28908384 1098 bp
SNHG12:20 chr1:28905050-28908384 757 bp
SNHG12:21 chr1:28905051-28908384 1904 bp
SNHG12:22 chr1:28905051-28908384 1103 bp
SNHG12:23 chr1:28905052-28908384 1797 bp
SNHG12:24 chr1:28905053-28908384 770 bp
SNHG12:25 chr1:28905058-28908384 736 bp
SNHG12:26 chr1:28906847-28908384 731 bp
SNHG12:27 chr1:28906871-28908384 690 bp
SNHG12:28 chr1:28905050-28907562 759 bp
SNHG12:3 chr1:28905051-28908383 1903 bp
SNHG12:4 chr1:28905047-28908373 749 bp
SNHG12:5 chr1:28906871-28908369 675 bp
SNHG12:6 chr1:28905050-28908366 739 bp
SNHG12:7 chr1:28905052-28908366 1779 bp
SNHG12:8 chr1:28905053-28908365 751 bp
SNHG12:9 chr1:28906847-28908365 712 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
SNHG12 no no

Available literature

  1. Ruan (2016), Long non-coding RNA small nucleolar RNA host gene 12 (SNHG12) promotes cell proliferation and migration by upregulating angiomotin gene expression in human osteosarcoma cells., Tumour biology : the journal of the International Society for Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine
  2. Cao (2013), Analysis of long non-coding RNA expression profiles in gastric cancer., World journal of gastroenterology