Gene: lnc-ADA-3

Basic information

HGNC Gene Symbol: KCNK15-AS1  ?
HGNC Full Gene Name: KCNK15 and WISP2 antisense RNA 1
Location (hg38): chr20:44656332-44746227
Strand: -
Class: antisense
Sequence Ontology term: antisense_lncRNA_gene
Transcripts: 32


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
lnc-ADA-3:1 chr20:44711862-44746021 528 bp
lnc-ADA-3:10 chr20:44695280-44738951 360 bp
lnc-ADA-3:11 chr20:44694892-44738896 862 bp
lnc-ADA-3:12 chr20:44656451-44696096 1416 bp
lnc-ADA-3:13 chr20:44656451-44696096 1416 bp
lnc-ADA-3:14 chr20:44695076-44696084 514 bp
lnc-ADA-3:15 chr20:44656451-44671739 1157 bp
lnc-ADA-3:16 chr20:44656451-44671670 726 bp
lnc-ADA-3:17 chr20:44656451-44663498 1001 bp
lnc-ADA-3:18 chr20:44656451-44663498 1001 bp
lnc-ADA-3:19 chr20:44656439-44659314 933 bp
lnc-ADA-3:2 chr20:44695202-44745995 452 bp
lnc-ADA-3:20 chr20:44656414-44738990 4823 bp
lnc-ADA-3:21 chr20:44737214-44738990 528 bp
lnc-ADA-3:22 chr20:44656414-44738990 5143 bp
lnc-ADA-3:23 chr20:44656414-44738990 4654 bp
lnc-ADA-3:24 chr20:44656858-44738990 669 bp
lnc-ADA-3:25 chr20:44694892-44738990 956 bp
lnc-ADA-3:26 chr20:44692524-44696112 3094 bp
lnc-ADA-3:27 chr20:44695076-44696112 542 bp
lnc-ADA-3:28 chr20:44656332-44696112 1897 bp
lnc-ADA-3:29 chr20:44656433-44696112 1101 bp
lnc-ADA-3:3 chr20:44656410-44738973 913 bp
lnc-ADA-3:30 chr20:44656451-44696112 1432 bp
lnc-ADA-3:31 chr20:44656454-44696112 825 bp
lnc-ADA-3:32 chr20:44711862-44746227 734 bp
lnc-ADA-3:4 chr20:44737428-44738973 297 bp
lnc-ADA-3:5 chr20:44660578-44738967 1986 bp
lnc-ADA-3:6 chr20:44660607-44738967 1743 bp
lnc-ADA-3:7 chr20:44660607-44738967 885 bp
lnc-ADA-3:8 chr20:44660578-44738967 3334 bp
lnc-ADA-3:9 chr20:44660607-44738967 978 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
lnc-ADA-3 no no no no

Available literature

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