Gene: lnc-DIRC3-1

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: lnc-DIRC3-1 
Location (hg38): chr2:217284023-217756593
Strand: -
Class: intronic
Sequence Ontology term: sense_intronic_ncRNA_gene
Transcripts: 5


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
lnc-DIRC3-1:1 chr2:217319167-217756593 2582 bp
lnc-DIRC3-1:2 chr2:217284023-217756593 3906 bp
lnc-DIRC3-1:3 chr2:217284025-217600829 3969 bp
lnc-DIRC3-1:4 chr2:217284025-217599932 3070 bp
lnc-DIRC3-1:5 chr2:217425510-217434216 660 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
lnc-DIRC3-1 no no no no

Available literature

  1. Gu (2015), Aberrant expression of long noncoding RNAs in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension., Mol Med Rep
  2. Dryden (2014), Unbiased analysis of potential targets of breast cancer susceptibility loci by Capture Hi-C., Genome Res.