Gene: LINC00467

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: LINC00467 
Location (hg38): chr1:211382755-211444093
Strand: +
Class: intergenic
Sequence Ontology term: lincRNA_gene
Transcripts: 22


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
LINC00467:1 chr1:211382755-211432535 758 bp
LINC00467:10 chr1:211391639-211432687 651 bp
LINC00467:11 chr1:211399258-211432534 469 bp
LINC00467:12 chr1:211426206-211432695 455 bp
LINC00467:13 chr1:211434896-211435442 547 bp
LINC00467:14 chr1:211435072-211435333 262 bp
LINC00467:18 chr1:211382803-211435401 3712 bp
LINC00467:19 chr1:211382803-211435497 5052 bp
LINC00467:2 chr1:211382788-211396778 382 bp
LINC00467:20 chr1:211382803-211444093 4105 bp
LINC00467:21 chr1:211382803-211391976 512 bp
LINC00467:22 chr1:211382803-211396864 429 bp
LINC00467:23 chr1:211382803-211417885 1246 bp
LINC00467:24 chr1:211382803-211432536 711 bp
LINC00467:25 chr1:211391628-211435497 3450 bp
LINC00467:3 chr1:211382803-211396864 429 bp
LINC00467:4 chr1:211382803-211432536 711 bp
LINC00467:5 chr1:211382803-211435333 3508 bp
LINC00467:6 chr1:211382816-211398864 1236 bp
LINC00467:7 chr1:211382820-211432569 1005 bp
LINC00467:8 chr1:211382820-211398638 1006 bp
LINC00467:9 chr1:211382837-211391976 478 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
LINC00467 no no no no

Available literature

  1. Atmadibrata (2014), The novel long noncoding RNA linc00467 promotes cell survival but is down-regulated by N-Myc., PLoS ONE
  2. Pichler (2014), Long noncoding RNA in neuroblastoma: new light on the (old) N-Myc story., J. Natl. Cancer Inst.