Gene: SNHG1

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: SNHG1 ?
Location (hg19): chr11:62619346-62623483
Strand: -
Transcripts: 64


Transcript IDLocation (hg19)Length
SNHG1:1 chr11:62619410-62623483 3284 bp
SNHG1:10 chr11:62619460-62623339 1487 bp
SNHG1:11 chr11:62621552-62623284 996 bp
SNHG1:12 chr11:62622154-62623230 870 bp
SNHG1:13 chr11:62619460-62623218 1374 bp
SNHG1:14 chr11:62619762-62622960 748 bp
SNHG1:15 chr11:62621914-62622960 646 bp
SNHG1:16 chr11:62619769-62622960 588 bp
SNHG1:17 chr11:62622152-62622960 594 bp
SNHG1:18 chr11:62619724-62622960 754 bp
SNHG1:19 chr11:62621840-62622960 578 bp
SNHG1:2 chr11:62619730-62623386 780 bp
SNHG1:20 chr11:62620304-62622960 636 bp
SNHG1:21 chr11:62620545-62622960 784 bp
SNHG1:22 chr11:62620826-62622960 550 bp
SNHG1:23 chr11:62621019-62622951 532 bp
SNHG1:24 chr11:62620081-62622939 347 bp
SNHG1:25 chr11:62619461-62622938 2001 bp
SNHG1:26 chr11:62620221-62622932 610 bp
SNHG1:27 chr11:62619463-62622932 1038 bp
SNHG1:28 chr11:62619460-62622708 1071 bp
SNHG1:29 chr11:62619492-62622708 955 bp
SNHG1:3 chr11:62619460-62623360 1118 bp
SNHG1:30 chr11:62621045-62622646 240 bp
SNHG1:31 chr11:62620544-62621814 625 bp
SNHG1:32 chr11:62619520-62621168 849 bp
SNHG1:33 chr11:62619346-62623357 2740 bp
SNHG1:34 chr11:62619346-62623357 2463 bp
SNHG1:35 chr11:62619458-62623357 1066 bp
SNHG1:36 chr11:62619460-62623357 633 bp
SNHG1:37 chr11:62619460-62623357 1505 bp
SNHG1:38 chr11:62619460-62623357 1513 bp
SNHG1:39 chr11:62619730-62623357 751 bp
SNHG1:4 chr11:62619461-62623357 2768 bp
SNHG1:40 chr11:62622154-62623357 997 bp
SNHG1:41 chr11:62623040-62623357 318 bp
SNHG1:42 chr11:62619346-62623357 3253 bp
SNHG1:43 chr11:62619346-62623357 2503 bp
SNHG1:44 chr11:62619461-62623357 2768 bp
SNHG1:45 chr11:62621552-62623357 1069 bp
SNHG1:46 chr11:62619769-62622945 573 bp
SNHG1:47 chr11:62619460-62622945 1308 bp
SNHG1:48 chr11:62619463-62622945 1051 bp
SNHG1:49 chr11:62619492-62622945 1192 bp
SNHG1:5 chr11:62619460-62623353 629 bp
SNHG1:50 chr11:62619724-62622945 739 bp
SNHG1:51 chr11:62619762-62622945 733 bp
SNHG1:52 chr11:62620081-62622945 353 bp
SNHG1:53 chr11:62620221-62622945 623 bp
SNHG1:54 chr11:62620304-62622945 621 bp
SNHG1:55 chr11:62620826-62622945 535 bp
SNHG1:56 chr11:62622152-62622945 579 bp
SNHG1:57 chr11:62620545-62622945 769 bp
SNHG1:58 chr11:62621019-62622945 526 bp
SNHG1:59 chr11:62621045-62622945 539 bp
SNHG1:6 chr11:62619460-62623346 1404 bp
SNHG1:60 chr11:62621840-62622945 563 bp
SNHG1:61 chr11:62621914-62622945 631 bp
SNHG1:62 chr11:62620339-62622165 979 bp
SNHG1:63 chr11:62620544-62621435 246 bp
SNHG1:64 chr11:62619520-62621435 1116 bp
SNHG1:7 chr11:62619460-62623346 1455 bp
SNHG1:8 chr11:62619460-62623346 1502 bp
SNHG1:9 chr11:62619460-62623346 1451 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
SNHG1 no no

Available literature

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