Gene: DLEU2

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: DLEU2 
Location (hg38): chr13:49912706-50125720
Strand: -
Class: intronic
Sequence Ontology term: sense_intronic_ncRNA_gene
Transcripts: 48


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
DLEU2:1 chr13:50027133-50125720 1267 bp
DLEU2:10 chr13:50044387-50081992 698 bp
DLEU2:11 chr13:50043914-50081991 1294 bp
DLEU2:12 chr13:50043436-50081978 2090 bp
DLEU2:13 chr13:50043915-50081978 1251 bp
DLEU2:14 chr13:50039392-50081978 1116 bp
DLEU2:15 chr13:50049190-50081978 791 bp
DLEU2:16 chr13:50043437-50081978 1739 bp
DLEU2:17 chr13:50043509-50081978 1657 bp
DLEU2:18 chr13:50049189-50081973 692 bp
DLEU2:19 chr13:50044515-50081972 705 bp
DLEU2:2 chr13:49982552-50125541 2768 bp
DLEU2:20 chr13:50048973-50049201 229 bp
DLEU2:21 chr13:49997003-50044770 737 bp
DLEU2:22 chr13:50039003-50039414 412 bp
DLEU2:23 chr13:50027144-50029554 540 bp
DLEU2:24 chr13:49997003-50024837 443 bp
DLEU2:25 chr13:49983425-50008943 431 bp
DLEU2:26 chr13:49952275-49996759 22622 bp
DLEU2:27 chr13:49992195-49993991 290 bp
DLEU2:28 chr13:49956707-49988262 409 bp
DLEU2:29 chr13:49983861-49987055 1711 bp
DLEU2:3 chr13:49982552-50125541 3068 bp
DLEU2:30 chr13:49956707-49976495 352 bp
DLEU2:31 chr13:49951590-50125541 5056 bp
DLEU2:32 chr13:50021245-50125541 6976 bp
DLEU2:33 chr13:50027133-50125541 1088 bp
DLEU2:34 chr13:49917336-50125541 1755 bp
DLEU2:35 chr13:50029064-50125541 1492 bp
DLEU2:36 chr13:50080119-50081991 1873 bp
DLEU2:37 chr13:50042025-50081991 3075 bp
DLEU2:38 chr13:50043914-50081991 1294 bp
DLEU2:39 chr13:50043915-50081991 1264 bp
DLEU2:4 chr13:50044425-50105297 1374 bp
DLEU2:40 chr13:50044387-50081991 697 bp
DLEU2:41 chr13:50044515-50081991 724 bp
DLEU2:42 chr13:50049189-50081991 710 bp
DLEU2:43 chr13:50049190-50081991 804 bp
DLEU2:44 chr13:50068125-50081599 562 bp
DLEU2:45 chr13:50039697-50048981 8948 bp
DLEU2:46 chr13:50024478-50048981 7126 bp
DLEU2:47 chr13:49912706-49936489 2918 bp
DLEU2:48 chr13:49931018-49935753 254 bp
DLEU2:5 chr13:50042663-50082002 2527 bp
DLEU2:6 chr13:50027128-50082002 621 bp
DLEU2:7 chr13:50043910-50081993 1398 bp
DLEU2:8 chr13:50043910-50081993 1176 bp
DLEU2:9 chr13:50044387-50081992 699 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
DLEU2 no no no no

Available literature

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