Gene: LINC00466

Basic information

LNCipedia gene ID: LINC00466 
Location (hg38): chr1:63159036-63317284
Strand: -
Class: intergenic
Sequence Ontology term: lincRNA_gene
Transcripts: 26


Transcript IDLocation (hg38)Length
LINC00466:1 chr1:63304686-63317284 427 bp
LINC00466:10 chr1:63170157-63315986 1279 bp
LINC00466:11 chr1:63169928-63315986 1016 bp
LINC00466:12 chr1:63159088-63315986 785 bp
LINC00466:13 chr1:63222885-63261804 403 bp
LINC00466:14 chr1:63189989-63198923 744 bp
LINC00466:15 chr1:63159083-63162636 542 bp
LINC00466:16 chr1:63159036-63160410 485 bp
LINC00466:17 chr1:63159087-63160410 434 bp
LINC00466:18 chr1:63159036-63160185 260 bp
LINC00466:19 chr1:63159071-63317248 1823 bp
LINC00466:2 chr1:63174472-63317274 1217 bp
LINC00466:20 chr1:63207882-63317248 413 bp
LINC00466:21 chr1:63169689-63317222 1730 bp
LINC00466:22 chr1:63257022-63317222 1050 bp
LINC00466:23 chr1:63257468-63317222 624 bp
LINC00466:24 chr1:63315784-63317222 1439 bp
LINC00466:25 chr1:63169689-63317222 1463 bp
LINC00466:26 chr1:63159083-63317257 1820 bp
LINC00466:3 chr1:63159090-63317237 1736 bp
LINC00466:4 chr1:63257107-63317231 974 bp
LINC00466:5 chr1:63257022-63317231 1059 bp
LINC00466:6 chr1:63159083-63317230 1793 bp
LINC00466:7 chr1:63159087-63317222 1554 bp
LINC00466:8 chr1:63262364-63316129 570 bp
LINC00466:9 chr1:63189989-63316087 1098 bp

Locus conservation

Locus conservation?
LINC00466 no no no no

Available literature

  1. Strausberg (2002), Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.